Fuji no matsu
fruitful treeThe Japanese word , Hojo, means huge harvest. In spring, a variety of festivals are celebrated in every farming are in Japan, praying for huge harvest.
This bonsai craft is named "Hojo no matsu", a pine tree of huge harvest, because the whole appearance including the richness of the pine needles in the branches looks like a fruitful tree.

Replica bonsai fine craft
"Hojo no matsu"

handmade by Toyohaku Suzuki
Pine tree expressing a heavy crop
presented with a black-lacquered wooden base and a metal name plate
total size: w 29 x d 20 x h 28 cm
pod size: w 13 x d 11 x h 6 cm
wooden lacquered base size: w 24 x d 18 x h 2 cm