Hojo no matsu
Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, and it is the symbolic mountain of Japan.
All Japanese love Mt. Fuji and there are a lot of Japanese who worship it.
Mt. Fuji is famous for its beautiful long ridge line, as you can see above. This bonsai craft is named "Fuji-no-matsu", a pine tree of Mt. Fuji, because its shape, especially its branch's long gentle line looks like Mt. Fuji.

Replica bonsai fine craft
"Fuji no matsu"

handmade by Toyohaku Suzuki
Pine tree in the shape of Mt. Fuji
presented with a black-lacquered wooden base and a metal name plate
total size: w 30 x d 18 x h 27 cm
pod size: w 13 x d 11 x h 6 cm
wooden lacquered base size: w 24 x d 18 x h 2 cm