Migikata-agati no matsu
graph rising up to the rightThis bonsai craft is named "Migikata-agari no matsu", because its trunk looks like a graph rising to the right.
In Japan, espeacially in the business field, the shape of rising to the right is thought to be a good fortune which shows growth, expansion and success.

Replica bonsai fine craft
migikata-agari no matsu
"Migikata-agari no matsu"

handmade by Toyohaku Suzuki
Pine tree just like a graph rising to the right
presented with a black-lacquered wooden base and a metal name plate
total size: w 46 x d 35 x h 43 cm
pod size: w 26 x d 20 x h 8 cm
wooden lacquered base size: w 30 x d 23 x h 2 cm