Ryu no matsu
dragon headThis bonsai craft is named "Ryu no matsu", because its trunk looks like a dragon (=Ryu) head.
In the ancient Japan, a dragon was regarded as a god animal handling irrigation.
People worshiped a dragon praying for huge harvest. Even In modern age, we can see its relic in many shirines anywhere in japan (See right).

Replica bonsai fine craft
Ryu no matsu
"Ryu no matsu"

handmade by Toyohaku Suzuki
Pine tree which trunk looks like a dragon
presented with a black-lacquered wooden base and a metal name plate
total size: w 29 x d 20 x h 28 cm
pod size: w 13 x d 11 x h 6 cm
wooden lacquered base size: w 24 x d 18 x h 2 cm